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Students will learn how to properly breath and make a correct embouchure; finger the notes on the instrument, read music and count. Any student who plays in a band is encouraged to bring their band music to their lessons for help. I will also help all high school students prepare for All State Band tryouts if they desire




I offer thirty minute of private instruction on a weekly basis on band instruments. For any instrument you blow into, I will start children eight years old through adult. Children younger then eight are encouraged to start their music education on piano or violin while waiting for their lungs to fully develop, and depending on the instrument they desire to play, for their fingers to grow longer. They also need all of their permanent front teeth. Piano or violin will give them a good musical background which will make the transition to another instrument easier.



The instruments I teach are woodwinds (oboe, flute, clarinet, saxophone and bassoon), brass (trumpet, trombone, French horn, baritone and tuba), drums and violin. Each student needs to have their own instrument to practice on and bring to their lesson. Information may be provided as to where to purchase an instrument, new or used, or where to rent an instrument. Lesson books may be purchased from the instructor.



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